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erza she/her, eurasian, kavkaz, ace, sapphic, infp, aries

♪(´▽`) ! yes
video games, women, cats, mangas, animes, kpop
(。_。) ? no
men, mean and weird people, sexualization

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love !
• jang wonyoung
• la secte
• iz*one
• genshin impact
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-15 or +25yo, racist, islamophobic, trans/homophobic, xenophobic, you bodyshame people, disrespectful behavior, misogynist, sexist, go against pronouns

i have borderline personality disorder, adhd and many phobias (censor the word h/le in french), i am inactive and deactivate sometimes, i only retweet about ex-iz*one members and tweet about wonyoung, genshin or valorant in general